Thursday, September 29, 2011

1st Horse Show-Sept 2011

 Dakotah decided she wanted to enter her first horse show ever. With a little encouragment from mom and Aunt Sarah. So the first weekend in September there was a Open Horse Show in Adel. It was a fly by the seat of our pants thing. We didn't decide to enter her until Thursday, two days before the show. She got maybe one hour each, Thursday and Friday night of riding and taught what the judge expects from my mom and Sarah.
Saturday morning the kids and I got up bright and early. Too early for me being a Saturday and all.
It was worth it though.
We gave JR a bath and got him all prepped for the show.
We waited on Sarah for awhile and then we headed off for the show. Of course, as we are getting closer and closer to Adel it is looking like it is going to start raining. We get there late for the first show we were going to sign her up for, so we just let her ride around the practice pen. Then they had open riding for a bit in the big arena. Dakotah thought she was pretty cool riding out there with all those big kids. She was defiantley getting noticed. Then of course it starts raining. We sit and watch the show as it is raining and raining, not looking like it will give up at all. Then the announcer, annouces that they will be having a meeting for all members to decide if we should keep the show going due to the weather. All members voted that the show should be canceled! Bummer. It was just one class away from Dakotah's next class. So needless to say all that work just to bring Dakotah to her first show, but not getting to show was a huge let down, I think for me more than Dakotah. Dakotah was a good sport about it.
 My sister Lisa, drove all the way to watch her and some friends of ours came, just as they called the show. So Dakotah rode around the arena for them to watch her and of course once the show was called off, the rain had stopped and the sun came out.  I think overall Dakotah had a great day and I was one proud momma watching my little girl have a huge smile on her face and looking like she is the queen of the world.
                                     Love this picture!!