Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fall 2011

So since it has been quite sometime since I have posted anything new, I figured we will start at about where I left off. So here you have it, some pictures from Fall 2011.

 Here is daddys little helpers. Daddy putting in long hours and the kids and I bring him lunch to the field.

 Yep, this would be Dakotah's attire and yes, she picked out her outfit!!

 Good old Cherokee, yawning. Sorry to say that this horsey has left our house and found a different home.
I guess it was good while it lasted. NOT. Him and I had a love hate relationship.

 Pumpkin Patch, this was one of the "better" pictures of the two of them. <sigh>

This doesn't happen very often, but a picture of the three of them, and they are all looking at the camera. Ryder is a mess as you can see. What was I thinking taking a picture of him like that. Kinda like taking a picture in your house when it is messy and then looking at the pictures in shame!!

So here you have it, just a few. BUT I promise I will get better at this blog thing and post more, some time.