Wednesday, September 14, 2011

3rd grade

Dakotah has started 3rd grade!!! Hard to believe that my first born is in 3rd grade. She is getting so big and a even bigger attitude. What can I say she learns from the best! <wink> The first day of school was August 23rd, Dakotah was so excited to start school again not for the school part but for the social part. She had been missing her friends like crazy, so she says. She had decided that she was going to ride the bus in the morning this year. So we all got up earlier than we normally would have on a school day and she got dressed in her new cloths and ate breakfast and brushed her teeth. Then it was time to work on the hair, this took a little longer than normal, trying to make it just perfect for the first day. Then we had to lace up her new shoes. As I am lacing up the second shoe I hear the bus outside. EEEKKK!!! So out she went running to the bus with one shoe tied the other half laced up. She made it to the bus before the driver decided to leave. Thank goodness!  Now we were actually watching the time, but the bus had showed up earlier than we were told. So of course since this happend we did not get one picture of her first day of school in the morning. Bummer!! I was a little upset and a little nervous because we did not go over her after school plan. All went well and she made it to where she was suppose to be going after school and of course I was able to get a picture the night when we got home. Only one though!!!