Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ryder-18 months

Do you know how hard it is to get some "good" shots of Ryder? Very hard, he hates to get his picture taken and never ever will smile for the camera. His new thing now is, when I pull out the camera he will turn look at me and say "cheese" and then take off running. Kinda like, ha ha mommy, you will not get one good shot of me because I am a little stinker!!!
So hard to believe Ryder is 18 months old, well was, of course it takes me a month later to blog about him turning 18 months old. So at 18 months old he has quite the vocabulary, such as, ooohhhh my, 1, 2, free 4, 5 (then jump off of anything he can, such as stairs chairs, couches), ready, set,go (of course he runs after he says this), please, thank you, bite, ouch and many many more. He is just a independent like guy, and loves being outside, as he says shooo, for put my shoes on and side, for wanting to go outside. He is my perfect little handful and I am enjoying every minute with him. He is quite the little man and is ALLLL boy!!! Here is a few pictures that I tried to get of him.

As you can see, not one smile, but lots of goofy faces for me!!! Got to love him!!