Friday, October 28, 2011

My little girl...

My oh my, where has the time gone? It is sad to think that my little girl is going to be 9 before we know it. She is growing up into such a caring young girl. Soon she will be a teenager and I will be wanting to keep her locked in her room until she is 30. But until then, I will enjoy her gossip stories every night on the way home and watch her follow around her so called "boyfriend" at a school event. Had this happen last night at the school fun night, this is where kids go around the school and play fun little games for prizes and they can get face paintings and win prizes. Any who, last night I took her to fun night and she was having a hard time picking what she wanted to do and it was a lot of arguing back and forth and telling her that we might as well go home then. Well after a little while she must of spotted her so called "boyfriend" and she knew exactly where she wanted to go and after each game what game would be next. So it took this momma a little bit to catch on but it finally happened and we were following around this boy, every game he went we went there too. My how it has changed since she was 5 and just starting school.
So of course, this is where it reads, I should enjoy this time right now with her because when those teenage years hit, I will be locked out of her room and only talked to when something is wanted. I hope not, but I was a teenager once and remember what went through my head. Until then, I will enjoy what I have now!!